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  • Bloemfontein


    If you are looking for an activity or attraction in Bloemfontein to keep you busy through the day, make your way to Bloemfontein Zoo. A lovely sanctuary for a variety of fascinating wildlife, Bloemfontein Zoo is one of the top attractions in the city. Stroll through the zoo and take in all the sights or enjoy a picnic with your family whilst surrounded by animals. Bloemfontein Zoo is a great ...

  • Johannesburg


    Established in 1907, the Johannesburg Zoo was until recently owned by the City of Johannesburg, but is now a non- profit organization. The Zoo of Johannesburg is built on 54 hectares of land, providing a safe home for more than 2,070 animals, representing 365 different species.

  • Pretoria

    National Zoo

    The National Zoological Gardens, or better known as the Pretoria Zoo, was established in 1899. It attracts thousands of local and international visitors every year. The Pretoria Zoo is the only zoo within South Africa that has the honor of having National Status, making this zoo a leading attraction in Pretoria.

  • East London


    If you’re visiting East London with your children in tow, take a trip to the Queens Park Zoo and Gardens. This small but fascinating zoo houses a variety of animals to keep children and adults of all ages occupied for hours. Whether your children prefer reptiles, fish, birds or mammals, they’ll find something they like at the Queens Park Zoo. What’s more, the entry fee is kept as low as ...