East London Airport

The East London Airport was established in 1927 by Lieutenant Colonel Alistair Miller with only one hangar and just the basics, such as a petrol pump and a telephone line. Today, the airport has expanded considerably, servicing approximately three hundred and forty thousand travelers a year and has become a popular airport for tourists, as it is located near many attractions and destinations. The East London Airport is therefore vital to the tourism industry, accommodating between twenty to thirty flights a day.

Travelers will find the small airport to be easy to navigate around and due to passenger traffic being lower than other airports around South Africa, retrieving luggage and making use of the facilities at the airport is much more convenient. A restaurant at the airport serves tasty meals to hungry passengers and a cozy coffee shop and book store will keep travelers occupied while waiting for their flight. The East London Airport is one of the gateways to the Eastern Cape, and is always ready to warmly welcome new arrivals to their terminal.

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