Chinese Embassy in South Africa

The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in South Africa is located on Pretorius Street, in Pretoria. This embassy deals with the basic and usual embassy functions, such as the issue of passports, renewals and the applications for visas. The Chinese Embassy and its Ambassador, Liu Guijin, is proactive in establishing stronger ties between China and South Africa.

Visas to visit China, fall into a few different categories. There are business or visitor visas, these are issued when a business, institution or organization formally invite or request the presence of an individual in China. A letter from the party extending the invitation is required on application for this visa. Applications for student visas must be have the admission notification of the relevant college or university attached to it. Working visas cannot be use without a work permit, and an authorisation letter from the Chinese authorities. Tourists must supply the Chinese Embassy in South Africa with a three month bank statement, confirmation of accommodation bookings, itinerary and return ticket, before a visa application will be considered for authorisation. Transit visas are also available from the Chinese Embassy, on providing them with a valid visa from the destination country. Applicants for any of the above mentioned visas, are required to have two blank visa pages in their passports and passports must be valid for over six months. As visas are only valid for three months, travellers are advised to apply for visas two weeks to a month in advance of their departure.

The relationship between South Africa and China is of the utmost importance to both countries. The third Focac ministerial conference was held in 2006, in Beijing, and it is the largest conference or gathering between African and Chinese leaders. Focac was established solely for the development of a friendly, co-operative and peaceful relationship between Africa and China. These meetings promote the economic, cultural and development partnership that China has with Africa. China is focused on African related issues such as poverty, lack of education and disaster relief. Focac has dedicated itself to the addressing of issues that concerns the development and future of African countries that can improve industries such as trade and tourism. The bonds between China and South Africa have grown stronger over the past years, and with the support of Focac, this relationship will only strengthen.

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