German Embassy in South Africa

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in South Africa is located in Blackwood Street, Arcadia, in Pretoria. The German Embassy, like many others, assists German travelers, residents and part time workers in South Africa. They are also available to assist South Africans who want to travel to Germany, to advise travelers and to deal with visa applications.

The German Embassy is divided into five departments, namely: Legal and Consecular, Political Department, Economic Department, Press and Media Department and the Cultural Department. Each department within the German Embassy performs individual tasks that contribute to the daily functioning of the embassy.

The Legal and Consecular Department assists German residents or travelers with the renewal and issue of new passports. Visa applications and residence permits are also dealt with by this department. The department also tells travelers how to stay safe and can inform travelers about South African laws and regulations.

The Political Department is responsible for maintaining relations between Germany and South Africa on a political level. They are continuously liaising with the South African Parliament, various political parties, the Government and civil societies to address social and political issues. The Political Department of the German Embassy in South Africa also analyses and reports on South African domestic and foreign policies. This is an important field, as knowledge into the South African laws and policies ensures that the Embassy can assist their fellow countrymen to the best of their abilities.

Analyzing the economic development in South Africa is the role of the Economic Department. Not only do they investigate certain sectors, such as tourism, mineral sources and energy, but they also attend conventions to promote Germany as a business and investment location. The division of Trade and Economics is an advisory service and a political and economic network that assits the General Federal Office of Foreign Trade and the South African – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Supplying the South African public and media with information related to German policies, is another important service that the German Embassy performs. This is handled by the Press and Media Section of the embassy, who keep in close contact with journalist in both Germany and South Africa so that they can deliver accurate and up-to-date views of public opinions, trends and policies.

The Cultural Department of the German Embassy, assumes responsibility for educational, cutural and sporting affairs. It is the duty of this department, together with the German – South African intitutions and German institutions, to promote a good relationshipand understanding between the two countries thus developing strong ties between South Africans and Germans.

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