Embassy of Italy in South Africa

The Embassy of Italy in South Africa is situated in George Street, in Pretoria. The South African based Italian Embassy has four divisions namely the Consular Office, Commercial Offices, Tourist and Cultural Section. As with any Embassy in a host country, the Consular staff are to abide by they rules and laws of the country they are assigned to. They assist both Italian and South African Citizens.

The Consular Services Department, assist in the renewal and the issue of Italian Passports. Italian residents in South Africa should be aware that an Italian Passport is renewable for 5 years, but a new booklet must be issued every 10 years. Visas are available from the Italian Embassy, and as Italy is part of the Schengen Agreement, a visa issued by the Italian Embassy is valid for Finland, France, Germany, or any country forming part of the Schengen Agreement. Visas are valid for 6 months, but visitors are only allowed to remain in a country for a maximum of 90 days consecutively.

The Commercial Office at the Italian Embassy in South Africa is responsible for the up keep of relations between South Africa and Italy. With South Africa being Italy’s fifth trading partner, communication is between these two countries is very important. South Africa exports various products to Italy, including jewels, copper, iron, meat and fruits, to name a few, and imports for example furniture, vehicles and ceramics from Italy. Italy also invests in South Africa, and therefore the Embassy has dedicated a division to ensure the relationship between South Africa and Italy remains unstrained.

Tourism in Italy is a very large industry, and with historical places such as Venice, Sicily and Rome, there are many tourists flocking to this location. The Tourism Department of the Italian Embassy is therefore responsible for the promotion of Italy as a holiday destination, and to assist South African travelers with many aspects of their trip.

The Cultural Department educates the South African public on the cultural aspects of Italy, and assists in forming a cultural bond between South Africa and Italy. The Cultural Department often organizes cultural events within South Africa as a promotional and educational tool.

Each department within the Italian Embassy in South Africa has a vital role in the relationship between Italy and South Africa, including the public, tourists and residents.

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