UK Embassy in South Africa

Britain has had an influence in South Africa since the arrival of European settlers in 1820. Back then, the British Empire sought to make South Africa a European colony which would be annexed to the state, thereby increasing Britain’s size and power. However, much has changed and for many years now, Britain has rightly recognised South Africa as an independent country with the right to self-govern. Today Britain merely maintains a presence in South Africa in much the same way that most other countries do. The British High Commission in South Africa serves to represent the British Government in all its relations with the South African Government. It also serves to promote British interests in the country.

The UK Embassy in South Africa, also known as the British High Commission, is located in 255 Hill Street, Arcadia in Pretoria. It aims to keep the South African Government as well as the people of this country informed of British policies and to explain and report the various Southern African policies and views to the British Government. In doing so, it promotes better relations between the two countries. Though the High Commissioner is based in Pretoria, he travels throughout the country to the various British consulates in other cities in the country.

There are a number of different offices related to the UK Embassy in South Africa. These are the British High Commission in Pretoria, the UK Trade and Investment office in Johannesburg, the British Consulate General in Cape Town, the British Honorary Consulate in Port Elizabeth, the British Honorary Consulate in Durban and the UK Trade and Investment office in Durban. British visitors visiting the country can thus easily get in touch with a nearby office which be able to contact the British High Commission in Pretoria in their behalf. Those South Africans wishing to make travel plans for Britain can contact the relative consulate who will usually work through the British High Commission to organise documents and other necessary items. Besides organizing passports and visas, the British High Commission is involved with trade and investment between the two countries. They also have an office located in Lesotho for those wishing to visit this small kingdom. Feel free to contact them if you have any further questions.

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