Visas and Passports Information when Visiting South Africa

Tourists traveling to South Africa will likely be interested in finding out about the requirements regarding visas and passports. Visas are designed to screen applicants and also to facilitate the entry of travelers into South Africa at the various ports of entry. Should you wish to enquire about visa and passport requirements in South Africa, please contact your closest South African mission or representative office. It is very important to remember that visas are not issued at ports of entry and must be in your passport before you depart for the country.

What do you need to submit along with your South African visa application? Firstly you will require your passport, which must be valid for 30 days or more after the period of time you will be in South Africa, there must also be at least one unused visa page. Payment must also be supplied. Potential visitors must also not forget a vaccination certificate (where applicable), documentation that confirms the duration of your visit as well as the purpose, two identity photographs, and proof of financial means that cover your living expenses while in the country. If you are flying into South Africa, you will need a return or onward flight ticket, or proof of funds, a cash deposit of the same value of a ticket out of the country. It takes approximately ten days to process the visa application.

Individuals from certain countries or territories do not require a visa when entering the country, but will require a valid passport or travel document. We suggest you contact your local South African embassy or representative to find out if you will require a visa or not as the status can change. Alternatively your local travel agent should be able to assist you in this regard.

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