10+ Years of Geocaching in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Visualization of ten+ years of geocaching in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa. This is a detail view of the video 10+ Years of Geocaching in South Africa www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-IPkPi9v5c Data taken from 2001-01-01 to 2011-08-21 Numbers shown are approximations, and not all archived caches are shown. Legend ====== White sparkles = newly placed cache Green = active cache Grey = archived cache Yellow = log: found / attended Blue = log: did not find Fuchsia = log: note / will attend / announcement White = log: published / enabled Red = log: disabled / archived Mauve = log: maintenance / other Named cache = of all caches placed during the month this named cache was placed, this one has the most logs Credits ======= - Data: geocaching.com - Visualization framework: processing.org - Database: sqlite.org - Data download and pre-processing: python.org - Video creation: ffmpeg.org - Music editor: audacity.sourceforge.net - Smileys: zaazu.com - Music: myspace.com/TheBoysAndGirls (everyone and everything) - Visualization: awebergine