60009 Union of SA glides out of King’s Cross. Down Lindum Xmas Fayre. 08-Dec-2012.MOV

London & North Eastern Railway A4 Class No: 60009 Union of South Africa (UoSA), in BR Brunswick Green livery, gracefully departs London-King's Cross (KGX) on a bright but cold, late-Autumn morning as it heads the Down Railway Touring Company (RTC) Lindum Christmas Fayre from London-King's Cross to Lincoln-Central on the East Coast Main-Line (ECML) between London and Peterborough. It's Saturday 8th December 2012 and the time was 09:08. UoSA was following the 09:06 First Capital Connect (FC) Main-Line service from KGX to Cambridge. UoSA was on time. At the end of the film you can see the 08:28 FC Metro train popping out of Gasworks Tunnel. Sorry it was wobbly but the Network Rail guys insisted we cannot use tripods. Also, sorry about the guy in the hat. From KGX UoSA heads North down the ECML and makes its 1st pick-up at Potter's Bar. UoSA continues North making its 2nd pick-up at Stevenage. From Stevenage UoSA continues North then stopping at Holme Level Crossing for water. From Holme UoSA continues North making its final pick-up at Peterborough. After Peterborough UoSA turns North-East, off the ECML at Werrington Junction and takes the East Midlands route through Spalding and Sleaford to Lincoln-Central. Scheduled time of arrival at Lincoln is 12:45. Trivia time. This was the 87th down main-line steam excursion of 2012 in the London area. By this stage last year (03-Dec-2011) 35017 had run the 94th . The difference in 2012 largely due to the Olympics. This was the 1st Down main-line run of 2012 by UoSA in London. Last year, UoSA was undergoing repair. It's the 28th Down RTC steam special in the London area in 2012. On 03-Dec-2011 RTC put on its 31st Down special from KGX to Lincoln-Central. Today's train was the 11th Down steam special to depart KGX in 2012. Last year, on 03-Dec-2011 70013 hauled the 7th Down Special out of KGX in 2011. KGX is a 13-track, 13-platform station. There are 9 Platforms under the main train-shed. These are numbered 0 -- 8. On the Down side there is what is called the Metropolitan station with Platforms 9 -- 11. Main Line trains operated by FC, Grand Central, East Coast (GR) and First Hull Trains go in and out of Platforms 0 -- 8. Some FC main-line trains go in and out of 9-11 and Metro services, which only use KGX on weekends go in and out of 9 -- 11. ECML services between 08:08 and 09:08 are 13 Down departures and 10 Up arrivals. The Down trains are 10 FC and 3 GR trains. 4 of the FC trains are Metro trains heading for Hertford-North, Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City (2). The 6 FC main-line trains head for Cambridge (3), King's Lynn and Peterborough (2). The 3 GR trains are long distance trains to Edinburgh (2) and Leeds. The Up trains are 8 FC and 2 GR trains. 4 of the FC trains are Metro trains arriving from Hertford-North, Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City (2). The 4 FC main-line trains arrive from Cambridge (2), King's Lynn and Peterborough . The 2 GR trains are long distance trains from Leeds and Newcastle-on-Tyne. On 14th October 1852 the Great Northern Railway (GNR) opened KGX as the London terminus of its main-line to York that had opened 2 years before. In 1863 the GNR opened a link with the Metropolitan Railway and its trains started to go to and from Moorgate. In 1875 the GNR opened a 2-track local station. In 1893 the main physical change to the train-shed occurred when the GNR built and opened offices above the cab road on the Up side. In 1895 a lot of change took place including the opening of the 3-track Metro station, the loco yard and goods sidings next to the loco yard. In 1923 KGX became one of 3 London termini to become part of the newly formed London & North Eastern Railway. Hope you enjoy and please comment. Planning to film Tornado at Hampstead Heath on the North London Line later today.