60009 Union of South Africa hurries past New Barnet Up Lindum Xmas Fayre 08 Dec 2012

London & North Eastern Railway A4 Class No: 60009 Union of South Africa (UoSA), in BR Brunswick Green livery, passes New Barnet (NBA) on a dark, bitterly cold, late-Autumn evening as it heads the Up Railway Touring Company (RTC) Lindum Christmas Fayre from Lincoln-Central to London-King's Cross on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) between Peterborough and London-King's Cross. It's Saturday 8th December 2012 and the time was 21:31. UoSA was following the 20:58 First Capital Connect (FC) Metro service from Welwyn Garden City to London-King's Cross. UoSA was 21 minutes late. I think the original plan was to run UoSA on the Up Main but, as it was late and the 20:16 FC Main-Line service from Peterborough to London-King's Cross was close behind UoSA had to run on the Up-Relief. Still it passed me at a fair pace. I'm sorry about the shout. There was a very enthusiastic, let's say mature rather than elderly, lady waiting to see UoSA on Platform 3. When she saw UoSA' headlights she couldn't contain her enthusiasm. From NBA UoSA heads South up the ECML to London-King's Cross which is the end of the road. Trivia time. This was the 86th up main-line steam excursion of 2012 in the London area. By this stage last year (08-Dec-2011) 70013 had run the 95th . The difference in 2012 largely due to the Olympics. This was the 2nd up main-line run of 2012 by UoSA in London. Last year, UoSA was under repair. It's the 27th up RTC steam special in the London area in 2012. On 03-Dec-2011 RTC put on its 30th up special from Lincoln to King's Cross. Today's train was the 12th up steam special to pass NBA in 2012. Last year, on 08-Dec-2011 70013 hauled the 11th Up Special to pass NBA in 2011. NBA has 4 tracks served by 2 platforms. Platform 1 and Platform 2 is an island Platform between the Up-Relief and the Up-Main . Platforms 3 and 4 is a 2nd island between the Down Main and the Down Relief. The trains calling at the station are operated by FC. All the through trains are operated by FC, Grand Central, East Coast and First Hull Trains. ECML services between 20:10 and 21:10 at NBA are 5 Down FC through trains, 2 East Coast through trains and 2 FC Metro departures. There are 6 up FC through trains, 3 East Coast up through trains, 1 Grand Central through train, 1 First Hull Trains through train and 2 FC Metro departures. The 7 Down through trains head for Cambridge (2) King's Lynn, Leeds, Newcastle and Peterborough (2). The 2 Down Metro trains head for Welwyn Garden City (2). All the up trains head for London-King's Cross of which 2 stop. . The Great Northern Railway opened its line from Maiden Lane to Peterborough on 7th August 1850. New Barnet station opened with the line but was called Barnet. The original station was a simple 2-track layout with the platforms staggered with the up Platform further North than the present situation. Hope you enjoy and please comment. Planning to film Tornado at Kentish Town-West on the London Overground North London Line on Monday.