A Stop Motion Interpretation of Durban Culture

This video is part of my honours research curriculum (Its a first attempt at stop motion). My research topic involves exploring how Buskers and Crafters (that gather along the beach front in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa) create a unique experience of the culture of Durban. The idea is that behind the beads, sculptures and paintings are expressions of the people, their traditions and ultimately Durban. Both Tourists and locals often visit the Buskers and Crafters which shows how significant they are to the Durban image and atmosphere. The creation of the Shark emphasises the skill and time needed to make the crafts and illustrates the culture of Durban from the Crafter's perspective. The Shark then travels across the beach front giving the audience an overall idea and perspective of my interpretation of Durban Culture and the people who make it.