Adorable Animals Around The World

Check out 5 cute animals you will find during international travel. International travel is exciting as you get to learn about new cultures. Part of the fun experience also entails watching animals that are native to those foreign lands. Here are 5 remarkable animals worth seeing in their natural habitat. Number 5 -- Scotland is home to gorgeous Shetland ponies. The ponies grow to a maximum of 3.5 feet tall. The cold climate led to them growing thick, long fur and they can commonly be seen grazing the sprawling fields in the country and climbing the steep, rocky hills. Number 4 -- The cutest and most widely known animal associated with Australia is the koala. Frequently seen in trees, the nocturnal creatures feed on eucalyptus leaves. Although mistakenly called bears, they are actually considered marsupials. Koalas in the southern parts of Australia are usually larger and have thicker fur than their relatives in the north. Number 3 - The meerkats of the Kalahari desert are a spectacular species to witness. The small animals live in groups ranging between 2 and 50, working together to defend their territory. Well known for foraging, they belong to the mongoose family, confined to Southern Africa. Number 2 -- The Highland cattle breed has roamed the Scottish Highlands for centuries. The giant animal has a unique appearance, possessing long horns and shaggy hair that covers their eyes. The rugged terrain and harsh conditions in the area makes them exceptional survivors. They are said to be very intelligent and mild-tempered. Number 1 -- When in Africa, the world's tallest mammal is a must see. Giraffes roam the African savanna. Their legs alone measure about 6 feet high making the large creatures able to reach a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour. With a 21-inch tongue and a 14 to 19 ft tall body, searching and obtaining food is no problem .The spotted creatures can weigh more than 2,000 pounds and live to be 25 years of age.