Zulu Nyala Game Lodge, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, May 2010 ~ A half-grown rhino sounds like a kitten as he complains to his mom that he doesn't want to leave a mudhole. Four baby cheetahs sound like little birds. A leopard makes a seldom-heard whuff-whuffing sound as he marks his territory. Two young male giraffes appear to be doing a graceful slow dance, but they're actually practicing the fighting moves they'll use as adults. You'll see this and much more in this 8 minute 17 second video. EDITING AND MUSIC CHOICES: RON HARE VIDEOS AND STILLS: JOAN HARE, PAUL TURVILL THE VIDEO BEGINS WITH "BABA YETU" BY CHRISTOPHER TIN, SUNG BY THE SOWETO GOSPEL CHOIR, ACCOMPANIED BY THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA ~ WINNER OF THE 2011 GRAMMY FOR BEST INSTRUMENTAL ARRANGEMENT WITH VOCALISTS, FROM CHRIS' ALBUM "CALLING ALL DAWNS", WINNER OF THE 2011 GRAMMY FOR BEST CLASSICAL CROSSOVER ALBUM.