Africa goal 2006 Promo

This is a short promo for Africa Goal 2010. Cut from footage for the 2006 trip, its a little rough around the edges but gives you a taster of what the new and improved 2010 trip will be like and why its happening. WHAT IS AFRICA GOAL: Africa Goal will bring football to places its never been before. It will document what only sport can do, it will bring diverse cultures together instantly, if only briefly, and in doing so help alleviate one of the biggest threats to life in the developing world. This observational documentary will follow the progress of an adventurous group of young people throughout the World Cup as they travel from Kenya to South Africa. By projecting live matches on a giant screen in remote villages, playing football with the locals and holding AIDS awareness workshops, the team hopes to raise money, educate and build friendships. IF YOU WANT TO HELP AFRICA GOAL HAPPEN THEN PLEASE GO TO AND DONATE NOW!!!!! Every penny will help us to film the invaluable work of Africa Goal and put the message out!