Africa Unguided – Self Drive Safari Namibia and Botswana

This is a unique experience in that you will drive yourself deep into the wilderness areas of Africa secure in the knowledge that following you is our back up and support vehicle. Very few people get the chance to do this in their lifetime and it is becoming more difficult to travel in unexploited areas. This will not last forever and change is ongoing and before long restrictions will probably be put in place to stop independent self drivers accessing these areas. Each trip is limited to 5 vehicles plus the support vehicle. At night you can camp with the group or enjoy the African solitude and sounds of the night a little distance away from the others on safari. The philosophy on this safari is "do it yourself" -- you must be prepared to drive, take care of your camping set up, cook your own meals and get yourself out of trouble if you can. The support vehicle and crew are there only to help in difficult situations where you a hand if they can.