African School Choir – Zambia

Beautiful voices from the students at Chiwawatala Basic School, which at takes around 600 pupils, taught by 14 teachers, (a ratio of over 40 pupils to 1 teacher) Of these children, a staggering 146 are orphans. The school now offers probably the best facilities in Mfuwe, having recently undergone major renovations, with new classrooms and teachers' houses having been built in the past few years, and in May 2009 they were finally connected up to mains electricity! The school is on the main road that connects the National Park with Mfuwe Airport and cuts through the village itself. It is about half way along and so is easily seen by tourists as they drive to the park and, as it is along the road, easily accessible by kids from their homes. The school is run by a wonderfully motivated and forward thinking Head Teacher - Mr Charles Zulu - and his team of 16 teaching staff. The Bushcamp Company supports the school, giving assistance with the purchasing of the school's stationery supplies - books, pencils, papers, text books. With the help of guests' generosity we send about 80 children to school by paying for their uniforms and other school equipment. Our School Fund also pays five teachers' salaries, to supplement the Government-funded teachers. The Bushcamp Company has also helped with renovating the school: building teachers' houses and recently with the help of the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust and The U Foundation built the Carly Pinder Library, complete with computer room. To encourage a conservation mindset within the children, they are taken on a game drive once a year, where our professional guides also give conservation-orientated talks. The school also has a small vegetable garden from which The Bushcamp Company & Mfuwe Lodge buys some of their herbs and fresh vegetables. Recorded April 14th, 2011. video: Stephen Smith