Aftershock on Camera | Christchurch Earthquake | 5.5, 11 km deep, Mon, Jun 13 2011 1:00 pm

Visit for more great content! I was going to work out how many individual 4minute 1080p videos i could fit on one 8GB card with a 550D so i began recording and 4 seconds later i was rocking and rolling with a 5.5 magnitude aftershock/earthquake... The footage seen on screen at the start of the doco is from a documentary about The Harbor Union, The Harbor union is a Album made to raise money for the relief effort of the Christchurch Earthquakes... a teaser for this doco can be seen here... Copyright Rowan Strang 2011 check out my other footage of the carnage left behind after the February 22 6.3 earthquake here... and if your in the mood for some end of the world type action you can always check out the post apocalyptic 16mm short film we made last year... Like what you have seen? Subscribe on youtube or "Like" on facebook