Against the Flow – Episode 13

The boys re-enter Lesotho tackling the picturesque Sani Pass. They set plans with a local guide to take them to the source of the Orange/Gariep, and them move on to do some fishing. The water is crystal clear, trout abound and the boys catch wild river trout by the plenty. Lesotho is home to the Highlands Water Project, which will end up being a series of 5 dams. They head for Katze dam, one of the two existing dams at this time. The fishing is great below the dam wall and Graham takes a magnificent rainbow trout. A team talk takes place over looking the dam; the boys sum up their experiences to date and talk about their fears for the up coming hike. They return back to the Quiteng area and meet up with their guide. The next day they set out for the grueling hike to the source. There has been talk of armed hostile mountain men, but that is nothing compared to the rain and storms that are thrown at them.