Against The Flow – Episode 6

Indigenous to the area is the quiver tree or Kokerboom, so named as the San Bushmen used them as quivers for their arrows. The lads get to check out a Kokkerboom forest, not what you expect form a desert. Having been resident in the area for several days, its time to move on. They journey all the way to Boegoeberg, a place where a large dam wall or weir exists. The fishing seems to be better then what's been experienced for the last couple of days. However high winds keep them indoors so they share a personal chat with the camera. Jerry is a local worker for the waterworks, he and his mates explain the significance of the places name and sing a historical song. Some colourful characters punctuate the road trip to Prieska, a town in South Africa's Platteland, flatlands. In need of some time out the local bar and its young barmaid become the center of attention. The next day Duaane, a local youth, takes them down to the river and explains life in the small Kalahari town ravished by the effects of asbestos mining.