Against The Flow – Episode 7

In an attempt to get a full picture the guys check out the proverbial other side of town. It is an extremely poor and disillusioned community. The local pastor talks about life and challenges here picking up again on the river snake. The lads return to Prieska Fried Chicken, PFC, for lunch and hook up again with local cheerleader Louise. As they drive on they reach the middle part of the river and South Africa. The town of Douglas is also the confluence of the Vaal River with the Orange/Gariep. It is also home to legendary Large Mouth Yellowfisherman John Southey. He has taken many large fish, his personal best a 17 kg model. They meet up with this larger then life character and fish from his boat on a lower section of the Vaal. The fishing is nowhere near what the region can offer, but some great fish are taken and the lads love the opportunity to fish with a legend.