Against The Flow – Episode 9

Moving on from Kimberly the team arrives in the small neighbouring Hopetown, the place where South Africa's first diamonds were discovered. They check out the window pain where the first stone was tested for authenticity and move on to the river to try some fishing. At the river they view a bridge bombed during the Anglo Boer war. Lightening and rain keep the boys off the river and away from any fishing. The next day they again meet up with Jacques Marais, this time to do some white water rafting. Sean and Clive have a nasty experience on a rapid know as hubbly-bubbly. At the suggestion of a local farmer they then check out a farm that was once a concentration camp during the Boer war. The area is generally stooped in South African history and is also home to the self proclaimed Afrikaner town, Orania. The visit here is tense yet interesting and the team are shown respect and hospitality. Moving on the last visit is to the Riet River, it is clear and the fish are sighted. It is of major significance as the first ever fly-fishing attempted in South Africa was on these waters.