APEX in Safety Programme in Mozambique

ACI World is very pleased with the success and increasing popularity of its APEX in Safety pilot programme. Aeroportos de Moçambique, E.P. most recently volunteered to participated in the programme from 12 to 16 March. We thank our valuable partners for their support, notably ICAO World Headquarters (Montreal, Canada); Mr Rishi Thakurdin, Group Manager, Safety and Compliance, Airports Company South Africa (ACI Safety Partner); Mr Manuel Veterano, Chief Executive Officer, Aeroportos de Moçambique, E.P.; Mr José Candrinho, Head of Safety Department, Aeroportos de Moçambique, E.P.; Mr. Ali Tounsi, Regional Secretary, ACI-Africa; and Mr. Mario Martins, Safety and Operations Expert (on behalf of ACI). As the leader of the airports industry, ACI is pleased to facilitate a partnering process whereby each airport by virtue of its unique characteristics, strengths and knowledge can contribute to helping others improve safety compliance and mitigate the risks of airport incidents worldwide. We encourage you to contact Adrian Cioranu at acioranu@aci.aero whether you are interested in being a Host airport for receiving a Safety Review or want to be a Safety Partner to participate in a Safety Review.