ARCHIVE – Steam on the Main Line 2003

And now, as they say, for something different... Earlier this afternoon, I was looking through a cupboard and discovered a pile of old video tapes for my now-retired tape video camera. After dusting down the camera, I discovered a library of old videos that were taken by my Dad between 2002 and 2006. Rather than put them away again, I decided to upload them onto YouTube, just for a bit of fun! The camera work is not good - I know - you don't need to tell me! I just hope that you enjoy this little montage of steam on the main line from 2003. First up is Gresley A4 60009 Union of South Africa working the Chandlers Ford Phoenix on the 19th October 2003, to celebrate the opening of Chandlers Ford railway station. Thus far, I haven't found a video of 60009 taken before this date, so I think this was my first encounter with 60009. Starting at Andover, 60009 pulls in for a 35 minute water stop just as the wind picks up. Water stop complete, 60009 pulls away, ready to climb the bank to Grateley. An hour and 30 minutes later, 60009 eases into Eastleigh, before departing for servicing. Around an hour later, 60009 re-emerged from the TRSMD following an incident involving a defective oil pipe, ready to haul two round trips to Salisbury. After completing the two trips to Salisbury, 60009 accelerates back through Hedge End with a whistle for the 8-year-old me! Several weeks later, 34067 Tangmere hauled Kingfisher Railtours 'The Royal Wessex' from Wareham to London. It isn't very often that steam passes through the centre road at Eastleigh any more, but on this occasion, water had just been taken at Southampton. Later in the day, 34067 eases into Southampton Central, before departing just a minute later. Christmas was fast approaching as LNER A3 pacific 4472 Flying Scotsman cautiously arrived into Eastleigh on the 15th December, before departing for Southampton Docks. 8 days later, and 4472 was back, this time hauling the VSOE round the Surrey Hills. Just a few months later, she was purchased by the National Railway Museum. The Bournemouth Belle on the 27th July 2003 was supposed to see 34027 Taw Valley (masquerading as long-since scrapped classmate 34045 Ottery St Mary) haul the Bournemouth Belle Pullman train from Poole to London. Sadly, 34045 primed badly on its run through the New Forest, and so BR(W) Class 52 D1015 Sir Misha Black (temporary name, renamed Western Champion a few years later) was called back to Southampton Central to pull 34045 back home, caught at Eastleigh while slowing for a signal check. It has been 359 days since BR Standard 5MT 73096 dropped its fire for the last time before its boiler certificate ran out. Fortunately, I managed to see the Standard on the main line, at Cosham station on the 30th July 2003, while being towed to Portsmouth Harbour by Class 47, 47712 Artemis. This is part 1 of a number of videos, spread out over several weeks - I hope you have enjoyed it, I was thrilled when I found these tapes :D **I am aware that there is a typo at about 9:25... it is of course supposed to say 2003, not 2012!**