It was a long but satisfying day. Maybe 11km on the water in the vicinity of Parys, South Africa, about an hour from Johannesburg. Here are a few snippets of the trip that started on the Vaal Bumper Run - with the fast and furious rapid called Dirty Harry near the beginning - and ended after Big Daddy, a truly memorable whitewater experience. In between there was plenty of action along with great island scenery and river birds. Emile and Sara from Holland, along with Hannie and Ricardo, set out to find the "real South Africa" and found it in the Vredefort Dome. They did the river on the second day, and mountain biking on the first. Come back and bring your friends! Order your copy of the DVD as a "file dump" or as a full 15-18 minute production. - Graeme. 084 245 2490