Ballet class South Africa

An intensive one hour ballet and dance class for the best of the Dance for All funded children's weekly classes in the Barrydale area of the rural Western Cape in South Africa. The children are mixed race and speak Afrikaans rather than an African language. They all go to farm schools where their parents live and work. The tutor is a Dutch ex-ballerina who has learned Afrikaans. I was visiting friends who thought I would be interested to watch the class-we got there just in time for me to set up the tripod and switch on the camera. It is in one take as I didn't want to miss a second. These kids have never seen themselves dance and probably haven't seen any classical ballet either as they are far from the city of Cape Town. The exercises are quite advanced level ballet and there are more boys than girls. The second part is a rehearsal for a Dance for All gala which I didn't get to see as my artist's residency had finished.(2010)