January and February is ripening time at Bein Wine Cellar in Stellenbosch, South Africa. In fact, our vineyard looked really good, and we looked forward to our future 2012 vintage - but it wasn't meant to be: On January 8, a fire broke out on the nearby highway and quickly spread into our vineyard. The damage was extensive, and within a quarter of an hour, 30% of our crop was destroyed, beside the damage to trellis and irrigation system. But life goes on: already 4 weeks later, our Merlot vines have budded again, and they seem to do everything to catch up for next season - let's hope! In the rest of the vineyard, the vines prepare for the coming harvest. By mid February, Veraison is late but complete, and we are looking forward to a good Merlot crop. How do they say? - Less is often more! Bein Private Cellar, Stellenbosch - Fine crafted Merlot Wines