Best Beach In The World – Newcastle, Australia

The Beautiful Beaches of Newcastle, Australia. Waves, golden sandy beaches, ships, fishing, great surf and good times. Located within walking distance of ice-cream shops, and public transport, Newcastle's beaches are second to none. With clean soft sand, the beaches are popular all year round with locals and tourists alike. Gotta love Newcastle! Filmed at Nobbys Beach and Newcastle Beach. Gotta be the best coastline in the world. Great tourist spot to visit if you're going to be in the area and you like the beach, sunbaking or surfing. The beaches are filmed in 1080p HD HQ video. Newcastle: Surfing, swimming, kiteboarding (kitesurfing, parasurfing), sun bathing, fishing, sandy beaches, body boarding, the Bogey Hole, the Ocean Baths, Merewether, Surf houses, Nobbys, life savers, Surfest, beach patrol, great waves, good times. Newcastle. Home to the best beach in the world. Filmed in Newcastle, Australia -- Home to The Best Beach In The World. The Best Beach In The World Surfest, Surfing Competition, Newcastle, Australia Surf in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding / Parasurfing