Best holiday – Kwa Madwala

I love to leave Johannesburg and go to Mpumalanga, where some of South Africa's finest game reserves are. My favorite private game reserve is called Kwa Madwala. The rooms are disguised as boulders to keep the landscape looking as if only nature has been there. The people are friendly and knowledgeable and go out of their way to keep guests happy. There are wonderful activities and hot stone massages and my favorite times have been learning from knowledgable rangers, star gazing from a deckchair and enjoying hot outside showers with unsurpassable views. The elephant safari and micro flight were unforgettable too. I am grateful to the people of Kwa Madwala for making it what it is and for treating myself and my husband with warmth and kindness, so I made this video to share with the world. The music accompanying the video is "Baba Siyabonga". You can get a copy at