BIDA is the home of the Nupe tribes who live in the heart of Nigeria in the low basin that is formed by the valleys of the two rivers: Niger and Kaduna, between 9o30' and 8o30' N.L. A line drawn from Legba on the Niger, eastward to Kataeregi marks the northern boundary. The Niger, flowing almost straight north-south between Legba and Jebba, divides Nupe Kingdom from Yoruba in the west, the slowly rising kingdom east of Lapai and Gidi, slopping upward towards the hills of Gbara Kingdom, forms the eastern boundary of Nupe.In Nupe the unit of culture is in certain respects smaller than the unit of the tribe. The different countries of Nupe represent different and differently organised cultural 'provinces'. Culture varies with environment and the productive organisation which it entails. It expresses the dominant interest involved in social, political and economic conditions. We can thus speak of a riverain Nupe culture, a hunters' or peasant culture and distinguish town from rural culture, or the culture of the ruling group from the culture of the subjects and commoners. The cultural unit is also wider than the unit of tribe. Nupe shares its political and social system with many tribes in West Africa, its traditional religion with neighbouring groups in the north, east and south, its modern religion Islam, with the whole Sudan. Like, Share and comment. To get more incredible videos like this, subscribe for free by clicking subscribe on the video or go to and click subscribe You can follow us on