Big Swing Graskop SA

Get MORE YouTube Subs: The Big Swing in Graskop South Africa, Eastern Transvaal. It's a 70m Drop from above a waterfall into a Gorge; Its a Gorge Swing! YouTube Account: Twitter Account: Check the my video of my wife (@tinytempr) and I doing a 70m drop gorge swing! I play using Kontrol Freek: My headset - Turtle Beach PX3: headsets/ear-force-px3/50 My Capture card is an Elgato Game Capture HD: Check out Drift0r doing a comprehensive breakdown of every Call of Duty: Ghosts weapon as clearly seen in the Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal trailer at the Xbox One live event. No wild speculation, just guns that can be clearly identified. Loads more game info from Charlie INTEL: Music supplied by YouTube video editing and available from iTunes: