Cage Diving Great White Sharks – Gansbaai, South Africa

Video shot at the famous (or infamous) Gansbaai, South Africa. The dives were located offshore between the beach and Dyer Island in about 30-50ft of water. Although this was not prime shark viewing season, we still saw approximately 20 different white sharks in two days. This area has the highest population of great whites in the world. During the winter season, the sharks congregate and feed near Dyer Island, which is home to approximately 60,000 cape fur seals. If you have ever seen video of a great white breaching (jumping out of the water), it was almost certainly filmed here. During the summer months (Dec. - Feb.), the sharks are a little more dispersed and tend to feed on the various fish species which move along the coastline. If you make it to South Africa and want an incredible experience, make sure to check out White Shark DIving Company.