CAPE TOWN – Tourist Attraction – Amazing Gymnastics – V&A Waterfront- Shopping Mall

VA Waterfront, what a beautiful afternoon we had here. We visited South Africa in September and I was blown away by how beautiful and modern it is. Very cosmopolitan city. I fall in love for this country and I would seriously consider moving there. My mom moved out there 2 years ago and she loves it. The people were amazing, like every body even down to the street burgers, just 1 no and they moved on. I mean in 21 days we had 2 people ask for money, so dont get me wrong it wasnt a problem. We made so many friends, like people talk to you randomly, which I am not used to, here in London you avoid talking to strangers even if they are friends. Just go on a tube journey, especially in the morning and its funny to witness the anti socialness of people here. Not saying its a bad thing just noted on the freshing difference. In 3 weeks we went clubbing at least four times and week, we did so much and remarkably, I was shocked at the absence of crime. I mean, the news had me thinking I was going to get stabbed or jumped at every traffic light and nothing. We hired a car for 18 days and drove everywhere. The roads, were clean and tidy, they put English roads to shame. Anyway I will try and load up more videos of Cape Town but I have so much its difficult to choose. But people visit South Africa, especially Cape Town and you will love love it!!!