Cas township tour

Cas is a nice guy. He has a dream: be a business man and stop struggling. He told me : my parents struggled, i'm still struggling nothing has changed. His dream is get his township tour working. Sexwale is the township of Jeffrey's Bay, famous for surfing. It's not as big as other township but it's nice and most of all fun to visit. During the three hours you'll pass with Cas he will explain a lot of things about the harsh living in township and most of all he will care about you so as no problems will arise during the visit. in addition compared to other tours in big cities is really cheap. Only 160 rand and he wll give you great food cooked by himsel!!! This video made by my pentax k7 dslr wont' win award but ,i hope, hel pthis 4times dad richer and happier so he could stop struggling!!! Let's change this fucking world together!!!!