Chisomo Lodge at Karongwe Portfolio Chisomo Safari Camp overlooks the Makutsi River, tucked deep in the Big Five Karongwe Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, South Africa, offering an unrivaled African Safari experience where the warm atmosphere, friendly staff and fine cuisine compliment the excellent Big 5 game viewing. The Management and Staff of Chisomo Safari Camp are dedicated to excellence, striving to ensure that each guest leaves with wonderful memories of an unforgettable Safari and the realization that our natural environment and our heritage must be conserved for future generations to come. We endeavor to create the awareness of our responsibility towards the protection and restoration of our rapidly diminishing natural wild lands. The term the BIG 5 refers to the following animals: 1. Leopard 2. Lion 3. Black Rhino 4. Buffalo 5. Elephant Many people think that the term describes the five most difficult animals to see when on safari. In fact the term relates back to hunting days when these animals were considered the most dangerous animals to hunt on foot. This is why the leopard is on the list and the enormous hippopotamus (noted for lazing around in pools and rivers all day) is absent. The Big 5 are among the most dangerous animals in the world.