The skies were overcast spitting rain but this did not prevent Andy and his friends from rafting the Vaal on the first weekend in May. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, laughing, halooing and splashing each other the whole way. Yep, it got cold (what can you expect in autumn?). The energy refreshments halfway down were welcome. With a level of 31 cubic metres a second the river was still flowing reasonably well and Big Daddy especially was good fun. Elsewhere the rocks are seriously beginning to show! We can't complain after an excellent season but those who came on this trip might want to consider coming back when the rapids are pumping - usually between December and the end of February. Also come and stay at Otters' Haunt which has a large guest house, bush camp, and chalets! There's mountain biking, hiking, Dome tours and chilling out. - Graeme. 084 245 2490