Crashing |T h e A f r i c a n| Myth Episode 2 ‘Nelson Mandela & The Robben Island Tales’

Welcome to Webisode 2 of the series, Crashing |T h e A f r i c a n| Myth featuring myself and Nicolas Nubian-Czar Patience on our journey to Robben's Island, the South African prison-turned-museum that once housed the courageous Nelson Mandela. This webisode takes you up-close-and personal inside the prison and even to the cell of Mandela himself. Nic and I also spend some time at the V&A Waterfront, which is the launching pad for the 30 minute boat ride over to the island. The prison, which once held Blacks in exile for fighting for equal rights during apartheid, is also the place where a President was birthed from. Mandela rose from Prisoner to President and here is his story. Dig in so you can help me Crash |T h e A f r i c a n| Myth