Crashing |T h e A f r i c a n| Myth Episode 4 ‘Back To School’

Welcome to the much awaited Episode 4 of the web series, Crashing |T h e A f r i c a n| Myth. This webisode lets you follow me on a destiny journey as I meet with the teens at YellowWood Middle School in Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town--a region thats riddled with drug activity among the youth and a generation thats lacking positive voices to show them they are more than what their environment dictates. I used my testimony as a soap box to reach them right where they're living. I was joined by Jessy, Charlane, and Sebastian all of the Themelios Fellowship Church. God used them to open this door for me. Episode 4.5 will show my visit speaking at the high school the next day. It will be coming soon.