Cumbrian Guardsman

The opening scene shows the Cumbrian Guardsman hauled by 70000 Britannia climbing towards Ribblehead and then passing over the viaduct and past Blea Moor. In order to get to this location took over an hour but was marred by wind noise (even with a blimp) and interference from my mobile phone (which I have not had before). Rather than leave the approach to the Ribblehead station out I decided to insert a soundtrack. I apologise if this is not to everyone's liking but the Brit can be heard after it has passed the station. The second scene shows the Cumbrian Mountain Express hauled by 60009 Union of South Africa leaving Helms Tunnel and the rounding the curve at Breaks Hall. No problem with the sound here as the A4 is in fine form. The final scene was a bit of a throwaway and not planned and shows the Brit passing Tebay.