Cunene river in Angola We are an Angolan Tour Operator. We would like to make a presentation of the Southern part of Angola, where is possible to combine two types of Tours, one with " The Tribes " you can find around Lubango, going to the South of Angola all along the border to Namibia, and one with " The Ocean Coast" where you can travel between Namibe and Foz de Cunene. Of course, we can put together tailor-made tours based on these suggestions; we can start or finish in Lubango, or Namibe, or Windhoek in Namibia or from the border with Namibia.We suggest that you consider a minimum of 12 or 15 days to get a good idea of this area. We also have a long experience in assistance for geological prospecting in all Angola. We can provide you the invitation letter for your Embassy to obtain the tourism visa. Angola is a friendly and safe country. Health: yellow fever is requested. Best season: april - may to october-november Highlights of Southern Angola Oasis of Arco : Discover the beauty and the tranquility of this deep-blue coloured lake, with its amazing rock formations and a wide variety of birds. Namib Desert : The oldest desert on earth, from Tombua to Walvis Bay in Namibia, you will discover a unique to the region plant, the Welwitchia Mirabilis, looking like a giant symbol of resistance. You will also admire the spectacular scenery of the dunes, so close to the coast, and that inspire respect. Beaches : Relax on white sand beaches, or go fishing or diving and explore the huge diversity of marine life while you catch oysters, clams, mussels and fresh fish directly from the sea for your dinner. Baia dos Tigres and Foz de Cunene : The road is very narrow between high dunes and the Ocean, only praticable during the spring tides. You will pass the Isthmus, now the Island of Baia dos Tigres, where whales, dolphins, seals, green turtles, jackals, gemsbok and brown hyenas can be found. You will reach Foz de Cunene for a swim in the fresh and clean waters of the River, and you will enjoy a fine meal at night under the stars. Iona National Park : This Park is situated about 200Kms south of the city of Namibe, in the area of Espinheira. You can find there animals like oryx, zébras, ostriches, jackals, springboks, and dik dik. Before the war it was the land of elephants, leopards, lions, and impalas.Maybe in the future they will reintroduce these specimens from neighbouring countries like Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. You will cross a thorny Savannah, dry and sandy riverbeds, and will really be in the Angolan bush, where you will enjoy the vast and yellow plains with its fascinating sunrises and sunsets. Here is the gateway to the Muhimba, Mucawona and Mudhimba tribes. Pediva hot Springs : Another oasis in the desert, a nice place for camping near the hot springs and the fresh water of the Curoca river. You will find the remains of an old German elephant hunter's lodge at the top of the hill. Tchitundo-Hulo : A nice walk to discover the prehistoric rock paintings on the top of the hill or inside the rocks.It becomes more and more difficult to find them because the big difference between night and day temperatures destroys the surface of the rocks. Some circles could be the representation of the sun, the moon; some figures could be men, giraffes, antelopes, birds, fish or wild animals. This site could be dated at 2600 years old, but other sites could be around 20 000 years old. In this area the Mucuval tribe can be found. The Plateau and Province of Huila : We reach the fertile Central Plateau around Lubango town, by a very nice and spectacular road "The Serra da Leba Pass". Here we are in the land of the Mwila and Mugambwe tribes. The Tribes : Province of Huila : Mwila and Mugambwe Province of Namibe : Mucuval and Mucuroca Province of Kunene : Muhimba, Mudhimba and Mucawona We invite you to enjoy our photos and videos about them. The Camp : Experience five star camping in Southern Angola, one of the least explored areas in Africa. Our camps include : Fully equipped kitchens Heated showers Toilets Tents for one or two people, with beds, sheets, mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows Fridges for food and beverages in the cars We provide a truck in case of big groups, for all the equipment Full breakfast Cold lunches Hot dinners with wine Mineral water, soft drinks and beers are available at any times.