Danie Nel VIDEO: The White Club – SA Event TEASER

The White Club is in the process of creating a video that shows the work behind planning a The White Club event - the worlds best events. The tasks that lead up to the wine tasting and dinner, the interaction with the venues, the creative challenges and the thoughts behind every single little details. We think of everything to make it perfect for our members and guests. The video will be shot in South Africa and show behind-the-scene footage from the planning process and meetings that leeds up to the three grand events. At Saxon Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg, Delaire Graff Estate in Stellenbosch and Taj Hotel in Cape Town. This is the teaser and we hope that you will enjoy and look forward to the next release. Regards from the Team behind the 'Making-Of' -videos http://www.thewhiteclub.com http://www.danienel.co.za