Day 4: After the Fan Fest – a bit drunk – Valerie and Andre – hosting an American guest

As mentioned in the previous video - I met up with Valerie and Andre at the FIFA 2010 World Cup "Fan Fest" on the beach in Durban (South Africa). We were sharing the bus from the Fan Fest back to Central Transport where, as it turns out, we were both also headed for the Galleria where I would call a cab back to the B&B and those guys back to their car and then home (their home is pretty close to where I was staying). Anyway, to make a long story shorter, they offered me a ride to the B&B, and then changed their mind and offered me to come to their place for a few drinks and I could spend the night there and they'd just run be back to the B&B in the morning. Well, this sounded like a good idea so I availed myself of their friendly gesture and this is what we did. Had a few rounds of Capt Morgans (and coke), chatted until close to midnight. Hit the hay and then Valerie ran me out to the B&B in the morning. Being I did not have any cell phone, I couldn't call the B&B to tell them, and when I got there around 7:30 am Monday, Debbie says she was worried sick about me, and said something like "the prodigal son returns" with a sly smile during delivery.