Day 4: Whale watching in the Indian Ocean – from Dolphin Point Bed and Breakfast

Staying in a B&B just south of Durban, South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. Yesterday (6/25/10) I saw Brazil take on Portugal in first round group play. The following day (a Saturday) was a rest day - after all of the traveling and excitement I needed it. This B&B is right on the Indian Ocean - and the views from everywhere are outstanding. While eating breakfast there were these huge splashes of water, at least a mile or more off shore, but large. These were whales, at one point you could see a whale's tail repeatedly smashing the water. But whenever I got my camera trained on the spot it would always seem to end, only to start somewhere else 10 minutes later. But I must have seen 6 different whales by keeping a careful watch on the water during breakfast. It was so exciting, I've never seen whales in real time before - so back at my room I decided to just sit outside on the patio and play my guitar. A leisurely Sat morning - always with an eye on the ocean - and emotionally stoked after seeing so many whales already. So, just as a "chance" I set up my camera and trained it onto a piece of the ocean and played this song which I had been composing all morning, definitely inspired by all the whales I saw at breakfast. I really had no idea if the camera would capture the water or even any activity on the water, but just took a random chance. Well, the result was truly AMAZING. After I set up the the camera and started to play my newly composed "whale song" I started to see these huge splashes (whales) - which continued, on and off during the next 5 minutes - all supposedly captured on my video - only when done and I reviewed did I realize that I actually got a pretty good movie of these whales, all dancing on the water to the guitar music composed just for them. One of the high points of the trip and really, something I'll cherish forever.