December 2012 Steam Tours On The Breckland Line. 60009 & 60163

Here at last are my videos of the two steam tours that ran in Dec. Because my PC died i have only now had the chance to upload them as one file. First we see 60009 Union of South Africa on the 12th, On its way to Norwich on light engine movement. Next we see Her on its way to York on the 13th with The York Yuletide Express, After leaving Brandon Station were it picked up passagers. If you turn the volume up you can hear her wheel slip at least 3 times on trying to leave on a cold icy morning. Then we have 60163 Tornado (In Blue) at speed in Thetford Forest on the The Cathedrals Express on the 15th heading to Norwich. Then again passing Brandon Station in the dark on its return to Ashford.