It wasn't big water but it was fun all the same! The day before our trip, Water Affairs dropped the level of the Vaal from a normal 24 cubic metres a second to only 12. This was the lowest we have seen the river in two years! But as it turned out, the day was sunny, the spirit of the party upbeat, and the rapids rocky, tricky and quite steep. Deloittes came to Otters' Haunt for an overnight stay, a braai and bonfire, and lots of bonding. This was one team of auditors from the giant firm and they did the company proud! No one capsized and swam, and when it was all over they were still smiling, forgetting about the rocks. Get your copies of the high res DVD with all the video clips and stills pix: this is just a sample. Come again when the river is higher in the rainy season! - Graeme, Ashley and Ricky.