Design Indaba Film Commission 3 – Marius van der Merwe (Carl Lamprecht)

Design Indaba has commissioned 6 South African filmmakers to produce short films for the 2011 event. The competition was stiff, and the top filmmakers were chosen based on their creativity, technical prowess, and story-telling ability. Marius van der Merwe from FilmStudio produced a beautiful piece on George-based creative Carl Lamprecht. Speaking on the production, Marius shared, "FilmStudio's crew members grabbed this opportunity to express their own love of beauty and design in this short production. Inspired by designer Carl Lamprecht, a long-time friend of FilmStudio's producer - Marius van der Merwe, they wove an expression of the unpredictability of beauty into their shots. Design flows; it is channelled, not created or uncreated: the team mirrored this rawness by presenting the designer's love of water and nature. Both crew and designer came away refreshed and renewed by this reactive process - feeding off each other's inspiration." Help us caption & translate this video!