Design Indaba Film Commission 5 – Stacey Howell (MURG)

Design Indaba has commissioned 6 South African filmmakers to produce short films for the 2011 event. The competition was stiff, and the top filmmakers were chosen based on their creativity, technical prowess, and story-telling ability. Stacey Howell did a piece on George-based Murg, who make 'wacky, courageous, breaking the mould, artistic furniture and art.' Stacey reported, "We shot on a Cannon 5D with lapel microphones, which were eventually put to shame by Meredith's iPhone recording application! We relied on natural light and our trusty little polly. The workshop location, in the late afternoon, has a ridiculously beautiful sun-drenched aesthetic, which we took advantage of. We like to have fun with preconceived ideas of 'alternative' subject matter. That worked out nicely here, because we could combine the edgy content with soft visuals and even softer music. " Help us caption & translate this video!