Design Indabar Launch in Cape Town, South Africa

Part bar, part art installation, the Design Indabar presented by Grolsch is a mobile celebration of the spirit of creativity. Design Indabar comprises two shipping containers that open up using hydraulic technology. Presented by Grolsch as a testimony to their spirit of unconventional creative and independent thinking, one container hosts a bar while the other serves as a multi-functional mobile gallery. Designed by Fly Pitcher in collaboration with Design Indaba, the interior and exterior surfaces of the Design Indabar can be used to project art, film, design and the like. Creative inspiration and thought leadership in the form of Pecha Kucha style presentations was one of the evening's highlights. With no guidelines, other than "20 seconds to present 20 slides", local creatives and thought-leaders talked about everything from inspiration, to design thinking, the creative process and the pulse of the design industry in South Africa. Speakers included the Blackheart Gang, Heath Nash, Danny K, Jay Pather, Hanneli Rupert, Daniel Ting Chong, Darkie, Robbie Brozin and Khaya Dlanga. The evening also marked the unveiling of the Grolsch chandelier design competition winners. Grolsch challenged local designers to interpret a brief to design chandeliers that embody and reflect the characteristic spirit of Grolsch. The four chosen chandelier designs by David Krynauw, Pedersen & Lennard, Imiso Ceramics and Michaella Janse van Vuuren, incorporated discarded Grolsh beer bottles in their designs, as a commitment to sustainability. From Cape Town to Kimberly to Durban, Soweto and beyond, the Design Indabar presented by Grolsch will soon be embarking on a nationwide tour. Bringing the best in South African creativity and innovation to a location near you. This fun and unusual pop-up bar will help to spread Design Indaba's belief that a better world is possible through creativity. Help us caption & translate this video!