[En] Medical Korea – Wooridul Spine Hospital: South African Patient Interview

http://www.wooridul.com/ Jack Edkins from Durban South Africa tells us about his experience at Wooridul Spine Hospital. Jack Edkins came from South Africa due to a severe herniation that caused pain on his back. He consulted a surgeon who told him he needed cervical surgery with fusion. As Mr. Edkins was not fond of having fusion, he started looking for alternatives. He contacted two other doctors in South Africa with no luck, so he also for neurosurgeons abroad in France, Florida, LA, Vermont, London and after much research he found Wooridul Spine Hospital. He decided to come to Korea because of the quality of the services, which are designed to minimize inconveniences experienced by the patient (one stop shop) and are very professional. The doctor was not only highly-qualified, but was also amongst the few people who had vast experience with the procedure PECD (percutaneous endoscopic cervical disectomy). ABOUT THE HOSPITAL Wooridul Hospital is a specialized general hospital with spine total care system. Wooridul offers top quality treatments combined with state of the art equipment and technology that have been investigated and developed to be minimally invasive and ensure a fast recovery. Based on the present achievements, Wooridul Hospital is emerging as the Neuro-Musculoskeletal Disease Center not only for the general spine disorders but also for the metastatic spine cancers (using 4th generation cyberknife) and the joint disorders (using computer assisted navigation). Wooridul Hospital prefers the minimally invasive philosophy to save the normal tissues, which minimizes the excision reducing complications. With these untiring efforts, Wooridul Hospital provides 'Spine Total Care System' as a specialized general hospital which employs over 1,200 employees including 130 doctors. In recent times, there has been incessant inflow of foreign patients with spinal diseases from all over the world to Wooridul Hospital. Patients form USA, Canada, China, Japan, France, England, Brazil and etc visited Korea and underwent treatments and went back to their countries with great satisfaction. 1017 foreign patients from 56 various countries have visited our hospital in 2008 and about half of these patients were reported to have made their decision upon the recommendations of the other patients and doctors who have visited Wooridul Hospital previously. Wooridul Hospital established 'Wooridul International Patients Center (WIPC)' to provide a better medical service to foreign patients which assist the patient during their visit. WIPC provides consultation and agency business to foreign patients in four different languages, English, Japanese, Chinese and French.