“First Class Around The World”® by Andreas VanderSchaaf

Me synchronized & dubbed on TV in Hong Kong in (Cantonese) Chinese! In my media series "First Class Around The World"® I went skating & skiing with the local kids in Abu Dhabi and exploring the Palace of the lost City in South Africa & experiencing the exclusive packages of the Palace Hotel in Gstaad,etc,etc.The series was televised in over 60 countries (RTL/CNBC Superch) but one of the most exciting broadcasts came when 'Wharf Cable TV' in Hong Kong bought it and combined his own Chinese local hero host (my so called Chinese travel 'brother') and local HK-luxury with my adventurers world wide.I wish at that time I would have been walking in the streets of Hong Kong looking in the windows,seeing if my program was watched;)!?In all modesty I dare to say I probably am the first Dutch TV presenter that's 'been Chinese-dubbed' on TV in (part of) China.(1996-'97) 'deep-sea-tugged' from the attic archives,herewith some clips of the Chinese series. Xie Xie!, Andreas VanderSchaaf 'Orangedutchie on Twitter'. www.andreasvanderschaaf.com