It's great to have customers who don't mind the weather! Leah and Tyron Knott decided to brave the Vaal rapids on a cold spring day - opening our new summer season for us. The sunlight sparkled and a chilly wind blew, but within an hour the day had warmed up. The Vaal co-operated with exciting rapids (small at this time of year but still steep and fast). Lots of leguaans populated the banks, soaking up the sun, and the occasional kingfisher was to be seen trying its luck at dipping and diving. Tom Lackenby, a kayaker from England, pronounced the Vaal to be awesome, while Leah and Tyron wrote to say it was a spectacular weekend. Not too shabby for the first-off trip! Karen led the trip and Shadrach supported her, with Graeme out of action due to the flu. Also on the trip were our learner guides Sidwell, Arno and Fly: the latter pair just back from the Orange River guide expedition. - Graeme 0842452490.